What does the boy who was born 10 years ago with gray hair resembling that of an old man look like now?

Ten years ago, Patricia Williams welcomed her son, Redd, into this world. From birth, the baby sported an unusual white hair and beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

Initially, both doctors and parents thought the infant was simply blond, but over time, it became evident that Redd had albinism.


Doctors began to inquire about the heredity of this condition within the family.

The couple delved into the matter seriously and eventually realized that their grandmother, who was 85 years old at the time, was born with platinum hair, being the only person in the Indian reserve with this characteristic. Despite medical evidence to the contrary, she had never admitted to having albinism. However, genes are inevitable and have been passed down from generation to generation.”

The Family Grows

After a period of six years, the Williams family made the decision to expand their family. To their great surprise, another boy, also affected by albinism, was born.


Albinism has in no way hindered the complete development of the boys and has had no impact on their activities. Their unique appearance attracts attention, and many people they meet wish to take a photo with them.